In-House Dental Savings Plan Yukon

We’re Making Dental Care Accessible & Affordable

Woman in dental chair smiling

The idea of receiving any kind of dental care can be unnerving; however, when you consider what it might be like without the security of dental insurance, you might just avoid the dentist’s office altogether. At First Impressions Dentistry of Yukon, we don’t want you to forgo treatment, which is why we offer an in-house dental savings plan! Designed to alleviate the financial woes of dentistry, you can ask a member of our team for help in better understanding the details so that you can get signed up right away!

Dental Health Savings Plan

When choosing to enroll in our dental health savings plan, you can expect to pay $305 for a one-year membership. This means that you will save:

  • 15% on all dental procedures
  • 10% on all orthodontic devices
  • Exams and X-rays covered at 100%

Not only will you be able to manage your budget when it comes to paying for any oral healthcare costs, but you’ll also feel more confident in knowing that your smile is in better shape year-round.