Emergency Dentist Yukon

You Can Count on Us for Immediate Dental Care

Woman holding her cheek and wincing in pain before emergency dentistry in Yukon

It’s natural to panic when a dental emergency occurs, but the truth is that our team at First Impressions Dentistry of Yukon is here to deliver same-day care when you’re faced with a serious injury. When calling our office to alert us of the problem, we will work quickly to help you out of pain and restore your smile to its natural beauty. From knocked-out teeth to a serious infection, you can count on our Yukon emergency dentists and team to deliver timely care when it comes to repairing and rebuilding your smile.

Why Choose First Impressions Dentistry of Yukon for Emergency Dentistry?

  • Same-Day Emergency Appointments Available
  • Sedation Dentistry for Fearful Patients
  • Your Dental Insurance Benefits Maximized

How We Treat Dental Emergencies

Man holding his cheek while talking to emergency dentist

There are several steps you can expect to take when it comes to dealing with a dental emergency. These include:

  • Same-Day Appointment – The first step is to call our office and schedule an appointment. A member of our team will retrieve your information and provide essential tips to help you handle the situation at home until you can get in to see us.
  • An Emergency Exam – When arriving for your appointment, we will perform an emergency exam so that we can determine the severity of the issue.
  • A Review of Findings – Once we’ve identified the problem, we will build out a treatment plan that details how we will address the issue and ensure you are no longer in pain.
  • Emergency Dental Service – No matter if it’s a chipped or cracked tooth, one that has been knocked out, or a serious infection, we will implement our strategy to help you out of pain while also putting your smile back on track.

The Most Common Dental Emergencies

At First Impressions Dentistry of Yukon, we take care of many different types of dental emergencies. While it might seem as if the ER is the best place to go, you’ll often end up waiting hours only to receive medicine to help with the pain. At our Yukon dental office, we can treat the problem and ensure that it no longer causes issues, so take a look at some of the most common dental injuries our team can address.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Emergencies

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If you’re feeling nervous about the cost of your dental emergency, we understand. The price tag of any kind of procedure is something you must take into consideration. But it shouldn’t keep you from receiving treatment. This is why we will work to maximize your dental insurance benefits while also detailing additional ways to pay should you need help with out-of-pocket expenses.

Keys to Preventing Dental Emergencies

Young woman brushing her teeth

Although it’s impossible to avoid all dental emergencies, there are ways to reduce your risk of having to see Dr. Cole, Dr. Yeary, or Dr. Weaver for a sudden injury. You can do this by:

  • Wearing appropriate mouth protection should you decide to play sports.
  • Wearing a custom nightguard if you tend to grind your teeth at night.
  • Eating healthy foods that are full of beneficial nutrients and vitamins.
  • Giving up unhealthy habits that can easily damage your teeth and gums (i.e., eating ice)
  • Keeping up with your oral hygiene routine at home.
  • Seeing our team every six months for regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings.