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    What is Restorative Dentistry?

    Even if you take great care of your teeth by brushing and flossing regularly, your teeth may still need to be repaired due to:

    • Effects of the natural aging process
    • Damage due to accidents – like cracking a tooth on a hard piece of food
    • Genetic predisposition to decay

    At First Impressions Dentistry ‘s dentist offices in Oklahoma City and Yukon, our approach to restorative dental care is simple: We want to help you smile again! We offer high-tech restorative treatment options for every situation – from a small cavity to the loss of an entire tooth. Our dentists will help you select the right treatment for your unique needs. When it comes to our restorative treatment options, you’ll love our:

    • Emphasis on restorations that look and function just like real teeth
    • Long-lasting restorations that are easy to care for
    • High-tech approach focused on your comfort

    Natural Tooth-Colored Fillings

    Nearly 95% of people will get a cavity at some point in their life. At First Impressions Dentistry, our high-tech digital x-rays allow for early detection of decay and minimally-invasive fillings.

    Our composite fillings are a restorative dental treatment that look and function just like your natural teeth. Made from a biocompatible resin, your filling is the safe and healthy way to repair cavities and tooth decay.

    Metal-free and mercury-free fillings are safe and healthy.

    CEREC Crowns

    Fillings aren’t always the best restorative treatment option. When a tooth breaks or after a root canal, a crown may be needed. Using the high-tech CEREC system, our dentists at our Yukon office can make crowns in about 15 minutes with no temporaries or impressions.

    At First Impressions Dentistry, our crowns:

    • Look and function like natural teeth
    • Last for many years

    Single-visit crowns are available at our Yukon office.


    Are you missing one or more teeth? Are you looking for a permanent restoration? Dental implants are the answer. The dentists at First Impressions Dentistry rely on high-tech titanium implants to:

    • Help you create a beautiful and functional smile
    • Prevent jaw bone loss
    • Reduce pain in the jaw and bite problems
    • Provide a foundation for bridges, dentures, and crowns

    Dental implants are designed to last a lifetime!

    High-Tech Care

    We take great pride in offering the latest in high-tech restorative dentistry. By investing in state-of-the-art technology, we provide care that’s less invasive, more comfortable, and produces amazing results.

    You’ll love our approach to restorative dentistry that uses:

    • Rotary Endodontics – If you need a root canal, you’ll appreciate this revolutionary tool. It’s the best and fastest way to complete a root canal. You’ll hardly feel it.
    • CEREC restorations We create crowns and other restorations fast! There’s no impressions and no temporaries. You’ll love the results.

    Our restorative dentists in Yukon and Oklahoma City will show you high-tech treatments and help you smile again!

    Learn More About These Other Restorative Dental Treatment Options


    dentures restorative dentistry OKC & Yukon

    First Impressions Dentistry offers both partial and complete dentures to replace missing teeth. Custom dentures ensure a natural and comfortable fit that allows you to keep eating the foods you love and smile with confidence.


    dental bridge restorative dentistry OKC & Yukon

    Using your healthy teeth to create a stable attachment point, bridges are a great option for replacing missing teeth. Bridges are custom-made to match your natural teeth and prevent long-term complications like difficulty eating or speaking.

    Getting Ready For Your First Appointment?

    First Impressions Dentistry is always welcoming new patients interested in our restorative dental treatments to our Oklahoma City and Yukon dentist offices. You’ll love our comfortable, caring, and compassionate approach. While your first appointment is focused on preventive dentistry, you’ll learn more about our restorative care options, too. You appointment will include:

    • Full mouth exam
    • Digital x-rays
    • Teeth cleaning
    • Consultation with your dentist to develop a treatment plan

    You’ll complete your new patient paperwork, learn to maximize your insurance benefits, and much more!

    What our patients say about us

    “My entire experience from the second I walked in until I walked out the door was wonderful. Every single employee there welcomed me and all were incredibly kind. I have never been to such a nice dental office, or any office for that matter. Upon leaving I was so impressed I scheduled a dental cleanings for myself and my daughter. So glad I came here! A+ business!”

    – Andrea W.

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