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    Safe & Strong Filings for a Natural Smile

    Fight-Decay with a Beautiful Smile: Composite Fillings From First Impressions

    Most people will have to reckon with a cavity at some point. While in the past you had to treat decay with a potentially harmful mercury amalgam (or silver) filling, there is now a better method.

    Composite fillings are a mercury-free way to fight decay and keep your mouth and body healthy. These modern fillings are a completely natural and safe alternative to traditional mercury fillings.

    First Impressions Dentistry offers non-invasive composite fillings at both our OKC and Yukon offices. We’ll help you fight decay and get your health back on track.

    A Safer, Stronger Way to Fight Decay At First Impressions Dentistry.

    Why Composite Fillings?

    In the past, when you had a cavity there were few options. This meant a mercury amalgam filling. As time went on, the dangers of mercury were discovered. Despite this knowledge, mercury silver fillings are still commonly used.

    Unlike silver (mercury) fillings, composite fillings are:

    • 100% non-toxic and safe — no mercury!
    • Easy to place and require less drilling
    • Bond securely to your tooth’s surface, lasting decades
    • Custom made to the exact shade of your teeth

    Don’t settle for a less attractive and more dangerous option. Composite fillings are the only option for a beautiful and safe mouth.

    Our Approach to Composite Fillings

    During your consultation at First Impressions Dentistry, we’ll evaluate your dental health to determine if a filling is necessary. Throughout your exam, we’ll answer all your questions and address any concerns.

    Here’s what you can expect when getting composite fillings:

    • We’ll remove decay and clean your tooth’s surface, leaving as much healthy tooth structure as possible
    • We’ll bond the custom composite filling material onto your tooth’s surface
    • Once several layers have been applied, we’ll shape and polish the surface to ensure the perfect fit and bite

    Composite Fillings: A Better Way

    Composite Fillings Mercury Silver Fillings
    Made from… Non-toxic, quartz-like material Potentially dangerous and toxic mercury
    Look like… Your natural teeth Unnatural and bright silver filling that easily stands out
    Are placed by… Bonding directly to your teeth with minimal removal of healthy tooth structure Drilling and removing healthy tooth structure


    Dr. Cole dentist OKC & Yukon Oklahoma

    Creating healthy and beautiful smiles in OKC and Yukon since 2009. 

    We Believe Your Smile is One-of-a-Kind

    When it comes to your dental care, we always put your needs first. At First Impressions Dentistry, we look beyond your teeth and get to you and your smile goals. By taking this personalized approach, we offer the highest quality dental care in OKC and Yukon.

    Our friendly team is here to improve your dental health and the appearance of your smile. We can’t wait to welcome you to our relaxing, high-tech, and thoughtfully designed office.

    What our patients say about us

    “First Impressions Dentistry has the best of the best when it comes to customer service. Every person I’ve met there is kind and will answer any questions you have, and they go above and beyond to make sure you’re comfortable. If you’re looking for a dentist make this place your choice. You won’t be disappointed!”

    – Tara C.

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