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  • CEREC – Revolutionary Dental Technology

    CEREC Crowns Made In Just Minutes At Our Yukon Office

    No Temporary, No Goopy Impression

    This is the future of dentistry and it’s here today at First Impressions Dentistry’s Yukon office.

    In the past if you wanted a crown, your dentist would have to make a model of your tooth, which would then have to be sent to a lab. You’d be fitted with a temporary until the lab made the finished restoration. Then you’d head back to the dentist for another appointment where the finished restoration would be placed in your mouth.

    When it comes to dental restorations, CEREC truly is a great alternative to traditional dental restorations:

    CEREC Traditional Restorations
    Precision Digital imaging allows for a precise design and application, requiring minimal removal of tooth structure Less precise, usually results in a larger restoration and removal of more healthy tooth structure
    Design Just a quick digital image of your mouth is all it takes Requires sticky impressions and molds that take minutes to harden in your mouth
    Creation Takes about 15 minutes and no temporary is needed Requires a temporary, a dental lab may take a week or more to finish
    Installation No need for a follow-up. Your complete restoration will be finished in just one visit. Requires a follow-up visit, removal of the temporary, and final installation of the finished restoration

    Frequently Asked Questions About CEREC Crowns

    How long will my appointment take?

    Most CEREC procedures will take about 90 minutes or so. Be aware that this is in addition to the time it takes to complete the extraction, root canal, or any other needed procedure.

    What’s the difference between a CEREC crown and a traditional crown?
    There is no functional difference between a CEREC crown and a traditional crown. However, the process to create and place a CEREC crown is much less invasive and much more comfortable.
    How long do CEREC same day crowns last?
    With proper care your CEREC crown can be expected to last at least 10 years.
    What should I do to care for my CEREC restoration?
    Just brush and floss like a natural tooth. Schedule regular dental checkups and gum disease evaluations.
    Will my crown stain like any other tooth?
    Yes, highly pigmented foods and beverages can stain CEREC restorations. Take care to limit your intake of these foods and to brush after meals.
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    CEREC: Now Available At Our Yukon Office

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