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See Your Smile


Would you like to see the smile you’ve always wanted? Now? Before you even start treatment? First Impressions Dentistry offers free cosmetic imaging for those people who want to change their smile now!


The process:

  • Upload a headshot of your existing smile.
  • Describe what changes you would like our doctors to make.
  • Once we receive your picture, we will create a photo simulation of what your smile could look like.
  • When the new photo is complete, we will email it back to you so you can check out your new smile potential.


  • Email Image Upload
  • Your Name
  • Your Email
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Changes
  • Only Images Can Be Uploaded - Example: .jpg or .gif

    * Please Note: File name must be one word ie. johnssmile.jpg not johns smile.jpg

    Maximum File Size: 2megs


Insert Teeth:

Insert Teeth


Whiten Teeth:

Whiten Teeth